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Best Nursing college in Jaipur

Our Vision

  • Prepare nursing professional who can take independent decisions in nursing situations.

  • Endeavour to act in the best interests of students through wide consultation.

  • Provide a harmonious work and study environment in which complaints and student grievances will be addressed through explicit and efficient procedures and resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

  • Aim at all times towards decisions that are acceptable to the college and the students.

  • Be pro-active in improving the quality assurance mechanisms of the college.

  • Provide an academic environment in which students can be stimulated to reach a high level of intellectual attainment.

  • By providing high-quality education through institutions that have dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure and are capable of developing competent professionals.

  • Produce Male Nurse , Female Nurse who works as Nursing Officer In Hospitals

Our Ambition

Help provide student support services including: health and counselling services; learning assistance; early childhood education facilities; career planning; recreational facilities; and accommodation information.
Ensure that compulsory subjects are appropriately timetabled and sufficient optional subjects are available to enable course completion within the specified minimum time.
Prepare students to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nursing professional in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.
Build students Nurse to assume role as a Male Nurse, Female Nurse, Nursing Officer to provide competitive nursing care

Chairman Desk....

सादर नमन ,
मै आप सभी का ह्रदय से आभार प्रकट करता हू कि आपके स्नेह एवं आशीर्वाद की शक्ति के बल पर ही “विनायक ग्रुप ऑफ़ नर्सिंग कॉलेजेज” आज जयपुर ही नहीं सम्पूर्ण राजस्थान में नर्सिंग शिक्षा के क्षेत्र में अपनी विशिष्ट पहचान रखता है | मुझे ये सूचित करते हुए हर्ष हो रहा है की विनायक ग्रुप ऑफ़ नर्सिंग कॉलेजेज राजस्थान प्रदेश का एक ऐसा अग्रणी ग्रुप है जहाँ के हजारो छात्र प्रदेश ही नहीं अपितु देश व विदेशो में भी चिकित्सा सेवाएं दे रहे है , मै विनम्रता से निवेदन करना चाहता हु की विनायक ग्रुप राजस्थान में अधिकतम सरकारी सेवाओ व विदेशो में नौकरी दिलाने में प्रथम स्थान रखता है | हमारे यहाँ से उत्तीर्ण छात्र AIIMS, Delhi State Medical Services, State Govt. Medical Services, NRHM, Foreign Medical Services, Military Hospital, Govt. Nursing College, MNC Hospitals etc. में सेवाएं दे रहे है | हमारे यहाँ से उत्तीर्ण छात्र अमेरिका , कनाडा , इंग्लैंड , दुबई (ऑपेक देशो) आदि देशो में अपनी सेवाएं दे रहे है |
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Principal Message..

 You are, indeed, blessed to find opportunity of being educated at one of the best Nursing colleges of Jaipur .that has been nurtured with a great vision. This is my firm conviction that you would carry the rich values imbibed here to greater heights. Vinayak College/School of Nursing was established in the year 2009/2006. It is approved by Govt. Of Rajasthan, the Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi and Rajasthan Nursing Council, Jaipur and affiliate to Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur.
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